you can get the therapeutic benefits of an ice pack or hot pack without having to carry around bulky packs.


    Consistent use can release the knots from repetitive stress, poor posture or overworking.


    It helps daily movements become possible and it also relieves tension.


    Effectively warm up or unwind tight muscles to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery.


    We don't charge for shipping, so don't wait to get out of muscle pain.

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  • BUY BUY BUY!!!

    I have Tried Many Of these Massage Guns and This One Is The Best!
    Is so light and powerful and The Heat Function Works Wonders!

  • This is a great machine

    So far so good. Powerful, lightweight. Quiet. Love the heat and cool features. Easy to use. Nice little case to store everything. Replacing another brand that was heavier and bulky that fell apart after a year or so. This one is much better.

  • Perfect Massage Gun

    Decent size and easy-to-use massage gun, I carry it in my gym bag as well. I use it to relax my muscles after working out and also after my games. Usually, 10-15 minutes makes me feel good and can be switched between heat and cold options. very powerful and relaxed muscles.

  • Love the heat head

    The ability to get hot pulses or cold was just genius! Even my cat likes it!! I can't wait to have someone else use it on me, so far I've only used it on others but, they love it

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You know what?

Why don't need ice pack and hot pack?



Importance Of Temperature

Maybe you’ve never given much thought to the temperature of your massage.

Soothe your muscles with warm massage

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Recover muscles with a new type of massage gun

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Can control massage gun to the perfect temperature.

Temperature control is needed for the most effective massage

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No more wasted time preparing ice packs and hot packs!

Also, you don't have to carry heavy ice packs and hot packs.

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Our product is a must have for everyone working out!

This incredible device will make your workout 10x better.

  • It's too comfortable

    Very easy to use massage gun, usually I use it to relax my muscles after working out. 10-15 minutes each time. It has a particularly obvious effect on stiff back muscles and calves!

  • Well-built, functional and practical

    This massage gun features an interchangeable heat & cool massage head, which actually works, unlike some other massage guns that I have tried before. The heat is warm enough for the job. It warms up the tissues and helps with recovery. There are 3 heat levels to choose from. The cool compress is pretty nice and there are 3 levels as well. The effect isn't as drastic as the heat compress but it is still relatively cool to the touch.

  • The massage gun is strong and well-made.

     The first thing I admire about this gun is how small and portable it is. It's tough, well-made, and quite powerful. It effectively relieves pain and relaxes muscles. It operates smoothly and gets the job done quietly. The replaceable heat and cool massage heads on this massage cannon truly function.

  • you can adjust the hot and cold temperature.

    It's amazing how hot and cold can change the temperature instantly. I am so happy that I invented this usage, haha, very comfortable. Then use hot keys where the blood needs to flow faster and the whole thing warms up. This is my favorite gift I've bought so far, and it relieves my body of pain. Make my skin better. And it's not expensive. It's been a while. I would recommend it to my friends.

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