Talk about LAXMOTION

LAXMOTION, we believe that self-care is a necessary step in achieving your dreams. We also believe that comfort and relaxation should be easily accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to provide a way for people to relax and not stop for their dreams. Our vision is to create a comfortable state for anyone, anywhere, so they can easily move toward their dreams again.

LAXMOTION has developed a temperature control feature on the head of the massage gun to skip the cumbersome preparation steps for muscle warm-up and cool-down for everyone heading toward their dreams, including athletes.

1. Persona - A brand you look for when you want to relax and feel comfortable on your own,

2. Keywords - Self-care, comfort, rest, relaxation, movement

3. Mission - Self-care allows people who move for their dreams to relax and not stop for their dreams.

4. Vision - Anyone, anywhere, easily relax and create a comfortable state to create energy to move toward their dreams again.